Davis is a world-class city. Our neighborhoods are filled with trees and parks. We are surrounded by agricultural land and open space. Our streets are among the safest in the nation. Children, students, families and seniors thrive and prosper in our inclusive community. All of these elements give our community a quality of life that is second to none.

These are the reasons that my wife Robin and I made Davis our home 32 years ago. We bought our first house here and began the small business that I still run today. Davis has a sense of place and community that encourages its citizens to give back. That sense of community has inspired me to embark on a 29-year career in activism, civic participation and public service.

For the last 8 years, it has been my pleasure to serve as your city council member. I’ve led efforts to save open space and agricultural land, to secure funding for public safety services, to balance our city budget and to address our housing needs while staying in accordance with the city’s 1% annual growth guidelines. But my work is not done.

The issues before us today are:

  • A balanced budget, taking care of our unfunded liabilities and needs
  • Job creation and economic development
  • A clean, safe and reliable water source
  • Providing green, clean energy via solar farms
  • Protecting Student & Renters’ Rights

This is why I am asking you to support me in my bid for re-election. If elected, I will continue to work hard to protect and improve our quality of life. I would be honored to have your vote.